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Jo Coaching a Client
Is Coaching for me?

Coaching is for anyone looking to make a change in their life and who feels they have the answers deep down inside but can’t quite access them or unravel all those thoughts that keep rumbling around inside.

As your Coach, I will guide you, be your mirror and hold your hand along your coaching journey.

What results will I achieve?

Each coaching session will provide space for you to explore the specific areas you want to focus on towards achieving your vision and dreams. You will step away from each session with greater clarity and action-orientated goals to work on.

The results will inevitably depend on your commitment to this journey. To the energy, focus and time you choose to invest along the way.

Why work with me?

As your Coach, I will spend time listening to you, stepping into your shoes and understanding what support you need to achieve your future vision and dreams.

I will create a tailor-made coaching program, unique to you, that will achieve results and outcomes you never thought possible. To go beyond your own expectations and beliefs. Working together we will uncover more potential, confidence and inner power in you than you realise you have. 

I will help you to become a stronger and more effective leader, step up to executive level and become a leading light in your career and life. 

Why makes me a Luminary Leader?

As an IT professional for over 25 years, I have extensive experience in leadership, service and project management and business engagement roles within a corporate environment across multiple sectors.

As an IT Leader I have led teams through fast-pace, significant change and transformation programmes.  I understand what it takes to build and sustain a high performing team and have experienced first-hand the challenges organisations face in today’s fast-pace and highly demanding environments.

 I have built a successful and thriving coaching business from the ground up, increasing revenue year on year through the challenges of a global covid pandemic.

What can I expect from my first session?

In your first session, we will do a ‘deep-dive’ and spend time exploring where you are at this time, what’s going on in your life and what might be holding you back from moving forward. From here we will develop a plan to work towards your vision, dreams and goals. 


Is it like Counselling?

Coaching is about focussing on your potential and helping you to move forward in your life, identifying strategies, tools and techniques to do this.

As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, acting as a sounding board, rather than telling you what to do.

Counselling is about working through life situations and helping you to deal with emotional issues.

How long is one session?

A standard coaching session is 1 hour. Your first ‘deep-dive’ session will be longer – usually 2-3 hours dependent on your coaching program. 

As coaching requires a high level of focus, concentration and reflection, I always advise clients to build a short break after a coaching session and other commitments. Time to grab a glass of water, have a moment to breath and reflect before stepping back into the day.

Gain PERSPECTIVE, find PURPOSE and step into your POWER zone

Jo is a gifted coach; she is reliable, friendly, a great listener and she really puts your mind at ease”

– Isabelle, Service Specialist

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