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Jo Riches Illuminary Leader

Are you ready to show the world how phenomenal you are?

Do you aspire to lead the way, to shine bright and to be the leading light for others?

Are ready to experience a journey of personal transformation and growth, one more powerful than you can imagine?

I am your Luminary Coach.

You are at a point in your life where you want to achieve more. You are ready to…

  • Elevate your career

  • Step up to executive level

  • Achieve the position and salary you desire

  • Change direction and take ownership of your future

You have the aspiration but find yourself struggling to take that first step. You are in a status quo, stuck and unable to move to the next phase.

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Let’s work together to realise your vision and achieve incredible outcomes


Say Yes

Gain PERSPECTIVE, find PURPOSE and step into your POWER zone

Actually, it’s about more than this, isn’t it?


You desire a more balanced life and to create sustainable healthy practices


  • Develop self-care practices
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Manage stres
  • Find balance


  • Thrive in your career and life

  • Create greater impact and presence

  • Unleash your inner magic and full potential

  • Discover clarity, purpose and perspective in your career and life

  • Stand TALL and own your space

Luminary Leader

There is no doubt in my mind that coaching with Jo has fundamentally transformed how I think about myself and enabled me to move forward in my career with confidence and self-belief.”

– Sue, Business & Enterprise Architect

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YOU are ready to realise your vision, to unleash YOUR full potential and to step forward ever more magnificient.

Working together to illuminate YOUR career and life.

“You have helped me discover the leader in me.”

– Lefki, Customer Finance Lead

I did it!

I stepped away from the secure world of I.T. contracting and took a LEAP of faith to create my coaching business.

I did it because I knew it was my calling and purpose to help others take their own brave steps forward to realise their dreams.

Stepping away from what you know and out of your comfort zone can be a scary prospect, but what comes from doing it, is the greatest sense of liberation, achievement and empowerment. That’s an incredible way to feel and I can help to get you there.

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